Bigger Trucks Equal
Bigger Savings

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Our 1/4 Equals Their 1/3

Our 1/4 Equals Their 1/3[one_half]





[restab title=”1/2 TRUCKLOAD”]

Our 1/2 Equals Their 2/3

Our 1/2 Equals Their 2/3[one_half]





[restab title=”3/4 TRUCKLOAD”]

Our 3/4 Equals Their Full Truckload

Our 3/4 Equals Their Full Truck[one_half]





[restab title=”FULL TRUCKLOAD”]

Our Full Truckload Equals Their Full Truck Plus 1/3

Our Full Truckload Equals their Truck plus 1/3[one_half]





*Our trucks are 20 cubic yards, theirs average a total of 15 cubic yards. Independently researched as of 8/15/16. Prices subject to change.



How We Price

Our affordable pricing is based on how much space your unwanted items take up in one of our trucks, not the time we spend at your location removing the items. Simply indicate what items you would like removed, and we will then determine the space needed on our truck. The 1-888-TRASH-IT team leader will present you with a price that both parties will agree on before our team begins the removal process. All that’s left is to sit back and watch your clutter disappear!

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express

There’s a distinct difference when you
choose 1-888-TRASH-IT!

1-888-TRASH-IT! Features 20 yard trucks- not the industry standard 15 yard capacity. Larger load capacities translate into considerable savings for you.

You get:

  • 2 uniformed well-trained junk haulers
  • Properly Licensed, Insured & Permitted
  • Prompt same day service
  • Shiny new 20-yard trucks
  • The 1-888-TRASH-IT! no-surprise, all-inclusive estimate
  • Our exclusive 1-888-TRASH-IT! Best price guarantee
  • The peace of mind knowing that you junk will be properly and legally disposed of as well as donated to charities within your community.

pair of trash it trucks


Best Price Promise

Simply the best junk removal service at the lowest price. We guarantee it!

Why Is 888.Trash.It Better?

  1. All Labor (including sweeping the site clean afterwards)
  2. All disposal charges (i.e. landfill or transfer station)
  3. All recycling and donating to local charities

We remove and conscientiously dispose of just about anything around your home, office, or storage unit including old furniture, construction debris, yard waste, and appliances.

Our Best Price Guarantee

Since we are so sure that you will not find a better price for your junk removal services, we are offering the 888-TRASH-IT Best Price Guarantee to our loyal clients.

It is simple: if you can find a licensed, fully insured, and environmentally conscientious junk removal company to remove your junk at a lower price than 888-TRASH-IT we will gladly beat the competitors written estimate by $20.00.

Great service, new trucks, trained professional haulers, all a the guaranteed lowest price!

The choice is clear: 888-TRASH-IT
*To be used toward a future purchase only.